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Halala – Season 2 Out Now


A controversial law and its implications. Watch what happens when within a happy marriage but in a small instance of turmoil, Raahil gives triple talaq to Afza and how the option of Halala Nikaah opens up.



Shabnam is an enchantress of the night and has her own secrets, buried deep inside a makup box. Gupta Ji seeking her services unexpectadly falls in love with her. Shabnam dies and Guptaji takes the box home. The mysterious makeup box turns his daughter and wife into prostitutes. How will he save his family? How

Wanna Have a Good Time


A husband plans to cheat on his wife in her absence by calling a prostitute but when she does come he finds that she looks exactly like his wife. What is this twist of fate? Find out now on ‘Wanna Have a Good Time’ on the  Ullu app.

Dubeyji and The Boys


Dubeyji has a problem. His four tenants are struggling actors who don’t pay rent. And for that Dubeyji has a solution. He randomly surprises them one day and throws them a party with their own deposit money. Now with job-less, money-less and about to be homeless, they work as call boys or gigolos to make

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