Apharan – Season 2 Out Now
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Apharan – Season 2 Out Now

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Season 1: A staged kidnapping goes wrong. Inspector Rudra Srivastava goes a bit rogue and is enticed into the kidnapping of a young girl, with the plan being that the exchange would be simple. Money one hand, girl the other. But circumstances take wrong turns and he is stuck right in between a dangerous conspiracy. Watch Apharan to know if he gets out of this quagmire of deception.

Season 2: While the RAW is terrorised by Bikram Bahadur Shah, they decide to approach Rudra to handle the case. However, Rudra shockingly submits his resignation. Can Rudra be convinced to take up Bikram’s case? Watch more, on Voot Select!


Where to watch Apharan – Season 2 Out Now

Season One

Release Date
Dec 4, 2018

Season Two

Release Date
Mar 16, 2022


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