Official Bhootiyagiri | Official Chukyagiri | Official Ceogiri – Season 3 Out Now
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Official Bhootiyagiri (Chukyagiri, Ceogiri) – Season 3 Out Now

  • 3.8

Season 1 - Official Chukyagiri: The web series is about an intern who comes to the big city from a small town, and we see the corporate world from his eyes- like the ideals that he comes with after doing his MBA, and the real world out there and all the

Season 2 - Official CEOgiri: The focus has shifted from Chukya to his CEO Dilawar Rana played by Sumit Vyas. The “Drone”nacharya CEO comes out of hiding and he’s going fully bonkers. He has two months to save his company. Will he, won't he?

Season 3 - Official Bhootiyagiri: The Official Chukyagiri / Official CEOgiri guys are back and now Dilawar Rana has to run a haunted hotel and his social anxiety is peaking through the roof. How will he handle this new spooky situation lurking around the corner? Watch Official Bhootiyagiri now playing on MXPlayer

Where to watch Official Bhootiyagiri (Chukyagiri, Ceogiri) – Season 3 Out Now

Season Two

Season One


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