Bhaukaal – Season 2 Out Now
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Bhaukaal – Season 2 Out Now

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Season 1: Bhaukaal, is the story of SSP Naveen Sikhera, who cleanses the city of Muzaffarnagar infested with criminals. The city is in a state of chaos and utter lawlessness. When Naveen Sikhera joins Muzzafarnagar as the new SSP, he is challenged by utter despair of people living under the fear of local gangs. He reforms the police and nabs any and every effort of the criminals to take control of the city. Indeed, his heroic mission is to make Muzzafarnagar from a ‘crime capital’ to a ‘peace capital’.

Season 2: After busting Shaukeen’s gang in season 1, this 10-episode web series follows Naveen Sikhera’s journey as an efficient cop, determined to bring change and peace to this chaotic hinterland town. Witness Naveen and his men face the unrestrained wrath of Dedha brothers, who are hungry for power in Muzaffarnagar. The story is based on the true events of an Indian hero, IPS officer Navniet Sekera, who pledged to restore law and order to India’s crime capital.

Where to watch Bhaukaal – Season 2 Out Now

Season One

Release Date
Mar 6, 2020

Season Two

Release Date
Jan 20, 2021


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