Date With College Junior
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Date With College Junior

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Every person who went to college goes through the journey of being a junior to a super senior. This journey is full of great experiences and amazing transformations but the senior-junior relationship stays tha same.
Ashwin is one of those people jisse log doori banaye rakhte hain and that is just because of the aura he has created. He is popular, smart and rowdy at the same time. But just a look at one of the juniors, Pratika melts his heart on the very first day of the new session.
Will Pratika end up making him a better person? Ya phir is kahaani mei hai koi twist? Watch the episode till the end to experience pyaar, takraar, ahankaar and a lot of fun.
Date With College Junior is a drama, romance web-series starring Abhishek Kapoor, Twarita Nagar, Usmaan Khan and Pradipta Singh dutta. It is created by Usmaan Khan. Date With College Junior is currently streaming at Youtube.



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Aug 16, 2021

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Season One

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Aug 16, 2021


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