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Eken Babu – Season 4 Out Now

  • 3.5

Season 1: Hoichoi Originals presents ‘Eken Babu’ featuring a man with a quirky persona, who lands up in an apartment in Bangalore, much to the annoyance of its residents.

Season 2: The man with quirkiness as his middle name is back with his unique ways of investigating crime. Hoichoi presents the second season of Eken Babu. “E Kon Eken”?

Season 3: The Bangali Babu of the detective world, Eken Babu travels to Bangladesh. Will he smell a mystery in a death caused by a heart attack?

Season 4: There is a mysterious death at the Burman's in the historical house of Alibordi Khan. Will Eken Babu solve the mystery with a touch of history?


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