Escaype Live
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Escaype Live

  • 3.9

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6 lives. 3 crores. 1 contest. Endless consequences. How far will you go for your dreams?

Desperate to make it big on the internet, users of a popular live-streaming app enter a contest. What follows is a series of intense encounters with reality.

The different journeys of six regular Indians as they struggle to win, fame and fortune on a social media app called Escaype Live. Will the lines between the real and virtual begin to blur as they gear up for the contest?

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Season One

Release Date
20 May, 2022


2 Comments to “ Escaype Live”

  1. Lisa says :Reply

    I want to watch escaype live

  2. Naina Walmik says :Reply

    Dekhna h

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