Firsts – Season 6 Out Now
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Firsts – Season 6 Out Now

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Season 1: Dice Media’s mini web series ‘Firsts’ follows one-minute exploits of these school boys and girls and the time in their lives where everything is a first.

Season 2: Watch as Tanya and Aman connect in a situation like never before.This unique love story in the lockdown releases on 29th April!

Season 3: Love has no labels ❤️?️‍? Watch Ritu and Lavanya as they figure life, love and more

Season 4: Find out to see if sparks will fly between Kabir and Janhavi We’re getting butterflies, what about you?

Season 5: Find out what happens when Ayaan and Avni meet & get to know each other?

Season 6: Sometimes, the best things happen unplanned Will Pakhi and Ankur take the leap? Let’s find out.

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Season One

Release Date
Jan 25, 2020

Season Two

Release Date
Apr 29, 2020

Season Three

Release Date
Oct 14, 2020

Season Four

Release Date
Jan 18, 2021

Season Five

Release Date
Feb 9, 2021

Season Six

Release Date
Aug 13, 2021


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