GANDII BAAT – Season 6 Out Now
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GANDII BAAT – Season 6 Out Now

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The talk has never been dirtier!
Dark fantasies, hidden desires of these sexually repressed men and women of small-town India come true in this anthology of a show that is now in its fifth season. Gandii Baat 6 is out now on AltBalaji & Zee5.

Where to watch GANDII BAAT – Season 6 Out Now?

Season One

Release Date
3 May 2018

Season Two

Release Date
7 Jan, 2019

Season Three

Release Date
Jul 27, 2019

Season Four

Release Date
Nov 5, 2019

Season Five

Release Date
Oct 3, 2020

Season Six

Release Date
Jan 19, 2021


15 Comments to “ GANDII BAAT – Season 6 Out Now”

  1. Aman tekam says :Reply

    Jaan leva ? video

    1. Raja says :Reply

      Gandi bat 4

      1. Prasad says :Reply


        1. Sadik says :Reply


    2. Fs says :Reply


    3. Vimal says :Reply


    4. Dh6 says :Reply

      I see Gandibat 4

  2. Ranjeet says :Reply

    Full episod

  3. ambar says :Reply

    isme play kaise karte hain sirf is par toh poster chipaka dete hain online watch kaise kare koi bateye

    1. Webisoda Team says :Reply

      Brother, you can watch it on AltBalaji or Zee5 app.

  4. Anonymous says :Reply

    Episode 4 ke hot scene front se lena chahiye. Itne ache actress liye per shooting acha nahi ho paya.

  5. pranit says :Reply


  6. pranit says :Reply


    1. pranit says :Reply


  7. deepak maurya says :Reply

    job chahie

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