Guns and Thighs
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Guns and Thighs

Out Now


It talks about that time in Mumbai when Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan’s D-Company ruled the city and when the two split ways and swore to kill each other. It talks about how a mother lost her son in the gang wars that ensued on the streets of the city later.

Guns & Thighs update from our blog post Guns and Thighs, named after Ram Gopal Varma’s autobiographical book, came out all guns blazing with a trailer released on May 2017 that quickly went viral and today stands at around 13 Million views. The trailer had all the trademark RGVisms. Brutal violence, Gangland Mumbai, Criminal underbelly, Corrupt officials, Lots of guns and yes, lots of thighs and other bare body parts which no doubt helped in the virality of the trailer. The trailer showed a lot of promise from a director who knows his genre. But then, the trail went cold.

They have a website out since 2017 and no updates have been posted there. RGV has released 7 movies since the launch of the trailer so clearly, he has other projects on his mind. He has been quoted in saying that they have shot 10 episodes, with the overall arc of the story culminating in 4 seasons. The first inkling of which can be seen in his Facebook post regarding the trailer launch. We have reached to the Guns and Thighs for an update on the release date and we’ll update it as soon as we have some information. Meanwhile, check out the trailer if you haven’t.

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May 26, 2017
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Season One

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May 26, 2017



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