Jamai 2.0 – Season 2 Out Now
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Jamai 2.0 – Season 2 Out Now

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Season 1: Roshni’s mother, Durga Devi is the boss lady of the city’s nightlife as she owns almost all of the clubs that people go to. A mysterious man starts inching into their life and business and what follows are unexpected twists and turns and a game that is played with very high stakes. Watch ‘Jamai 2.0’ a sequel to the popular TV show Jamai Raja right now on Zee5.

Season 2: Sid and Roshni are back and this time the lovers have bigger challenges to confront. Watch the trailer of Jamai 2.0 season 2 where DD sets a trap for Sid and wants him out of Roshni’s life at any cost.

Where to watch Jamai 2.0 – Season 2 Out Now?

Season One

Release Date
Sep 10, 2019

Season Two

Release Date
Feb 26, 2021


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