Lips Don’t Lie
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Lips Don’t Lie

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Love is beautiful. Love is eternal, love is life and what not. The word love comprises of innumerable concepts. But whats important and tough is to understand its meaning for real. Lips don’t lie is an anthology of 4 stories depicting different shades and stages of love. You may be single, committed, obsessed or married, every individual has a unique perception about love and they relate to it based on their experiences. They fail to uncover the pretentious demon, which seems to be love from outside, but in reality its laced hidden, undiscovered, unknown and a dual personality deep inside. Lips don’t lie unearths all such emotions like revenge, instinct, obsession, lust, passion which have become a motive to love today. An urban classy romantic thriller, with unexpected twists and climax, that will keep the viewers on the edge of the seat as one can go to any extent in LOVE.

Update: Lips Don’t Lie was originally a Gemplex production released Oct 21, 2020. It is now streaming at

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Lips Don’t Lie is a web series produced by and is now streaming on . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

Release Date
Sep 9, 2022



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