Maaya:Slave of Her Desires
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Maaya:Slave of Her Desires

Out Now

Maaya is the story of the world of BDSM and romance in the modern world. Each season delves into the minds of these protagonists whether it is Ruhi and Simi or others. Come join them in their exploration of their bodies.

Where to watch Maaya:Slave of Her Desires?

Maaya:Slave of Her Desires is a web series produced by and is now streaming on , . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

Release Date
Jan 27, 2017

Season Two

Release Date
May 30, 2018

Season Three

Release Date
Sep 7, 2019



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  1. Hi. I am from Pakistan. I want access to Vikram Bhatt’s ENTIRE web series other than youtube. His youtube channel ‘VB on the web’ does not have the entire collection of the web series. There are just a few. Moreover, there are hardly part 1 of some series and the other videos are nowhere to be found. The application VB on the web has been removed from the playstore now. When it was there, it still did not have any access in Pakistan. Nor is the VIU App workable here. Nothing from India works here, not even the apps online. Kindly fix the issue and inform how to have my hands on those series. Having known the fact, that all these big names of the industry have got viewers and fans from all around the globe, what kind of a professional attitude is this to not let Pakistani people approach such things? Awaiting for a professional response.


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