Hey Prabhu!
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Hey Prabhu! – Season 2 Out Now

Season 1: Online Hero, Offline Zero?
Everything important is not achieved online and that’s what Prabhu, a young guy in his mid-20s, has to learn. His personal life takes a turn for the weird when he begins suffering from erectile dysfunction. Your twitter popularity won’t solve this problem! Streaming now on MXPlayer.

Season 2: In this season, we see Tarun Prabhu try and stumble from solving one dysfunctional aspect of his life to another. The question remains, kya Prabhu apne pairon par ‘khada’ ho paayega? Or will it end with only one thought in everyone’s mind – “Hey Prabhu!”

Where to watch Hey Prabhu! – Season 2 Out Now

Season Two

Release Date
Mar 20, 2021

Season One

Release Date
Feb 20, 2019


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