Pelli Gola – Season 2 Out Now
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Pelli Gola – Season 3 Out Now

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Pelli Gola: Pelli Gola revolves around the young couple who are forced to get married by their families and their plans to disrupt the wedding.

Pelli Gola 2: Varun and Jaggu return as a married couple and have been living together for over a year now in Hyderabad. Like every marriage, their relationship also goes through a lot of ups and downs. Their fights are hilariously cute and give us a sense of a young couple who are in love but due to their ego and misunderstandings start turning small things into a big deal.

Pelli Gola 3: Season 3 of Pelli Gola follows Varun and Jaggu's journey as they try to achieve their biggest dreams; chaos follows as new characters are introduced! Will everything fall into place or will it all fall apart?

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