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A renowned prankster group ‘Prankenstein’ has been invited to the YouTube Fan Fest in Mumbai this year. To celebrate the occasion, they go to party overnight in an old Palace on the city outskirts. However, some strange incidents alter their course of life. After reaching the palace, the boys (Ruben and Vicky) go ahead to buy some beers while the girls (Shireen and Aru) stay in their party-room. When the boys return, they are astonished to witness what they see in the room. A middle-aged man is holding the girls at gunpoint, while they clutched on to each other, trembling heavily with fear. The kidnapper claims that he is a diehard follower of their YouTube channel, and he always wanted this opportunity to meet them in person. He too, had a prank channel on YouTube previously, but could not make it big. He resented them initially, but later realized that this group had something in them, that he lacked. Therefore, as a diehard follower, he wanted to make them do a prank of his own choice. However, they have no option but to agree to his demands. He hands them his first suggestion of a prank, which they must finish as a task. The prank seems like an easy one and an effortless task for the pranksters as they had done much bigger and better pranks than this one. But when they pursue the trail, things take a nasty turn, and they end up killing an innocent person, involved in their prank. In paranoia, fear, and haste, they rush back to the palace to find their kidnapper, watching pictures of their killing on his laptop. Since they did could not complete the prank successfully, they are told to do a second task. Unfortunately, this time another person gets killed accidentally by them. Panic-stricken for having committed two murders in one night, the group rushes back to the palace to confront their handler. They get perplexed to see that their handler has these entire proceedings on tape, too, and fear that any retaliation from their end may see them behind bars. Since the kidnapper’s conditions were not met again, they had to do a prank right there in the room, which became a game of death for the four pranksters. Could they survive? Or it was an end for the famous ‘Prankenstein’? To unravel the riveting narrative, one will have to watch the series on KliKK

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Season One

Release Date
Apr 10, 2022


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