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Sandigdha is a suspenseful web series revolving around a much-in-love couple, Siddhant and Prajakta. After a romantic dinner plan goes wrong and becomes their worst nightmare; not only are their lives turned upside down but will never be the same again.

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Mar 31, 2020

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Season One

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Mar 31, 2020


4 Comments to “ Sandigdha”

  1. Ronn says :Reply

    The trailer link provided for Sandigdha is wrong.
    The correct link is :

  2. Dhiraj says :Reply

    Nice suspense drama watched in this summer lockdown sesson.
    Nice onscreen act and background music score.

  3. Ankita says :Reply

    Nice web series. Good to watch. A different kind of web series in Marathi.

  4. Siddhi Madke says :Reply

    Suspense, trill and enjoy !

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