The ‘Other’ Love Story – India’s First LGBTQ Web Series
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The ‘Other’ Love Story – India’s First LGBTQ Web Series

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Set in the 90s India, this multilingual web series focuses on what makes a love story great and how the gender doesn’t matter if the one you love is beautiful to you. This bold series is a story about two girls, their coming-of-age love story, landline phones, secret love letters and all that makes the nostalgic heart in you melt. Watch ‘The Other Love Story’, the story on lesbian girls in 90’s India, right now on YouTube.

Note: the original channel has made the videos private, so the playlist below is linked to another channel that has re-uploaded the videos. We do not condone piracy. As long as the creators do not have a problem with the re-upload, we’ll keep this link live.

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Aug 27, 2016

Where to watch The ‘Other’ Love Story – India’s First LGBTQ Web Series

Season One

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Aug 27, 2016


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