Vinci Bharati Academy
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Vinci Bharati Academy

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The complete story is distributed in two parts. One of which revolves around 4 ex-IICans who
have been honorarily invited by IIC on the day of result. These 4 ex-IICans are seen in a place
which we call ‘Reality’. The other part of the story unfolds inside a place in the Vinci Bharati
Academy itself which is known as ‘Delusion’.
Having been admitted to IIC, Siladitya comes to know some of his batchmates. There is Anujoy,
who is a theatre artist. Then there is Keya, who is working on a special paper on the subject
called “Overrated”. Rockstar Babi is also one of them. Apart from them, Sila meets his seniors in
the likes of Imon, Jiya, Palash etc. The daily life of Siladitya takes a steep turn as his idea of life
starts to change after meeting these students.
Siladitya is astonished to see these students! These people do not get a chance to leave the
institute campus, as one must be Delusional in order to become an Artist! Secondly, all the
seniors, juniors without any inhibition of their gender live together; more because an Artist has
no Religion, nor any specific gender. This gives them a chance to learn what the word ‘consent’
actually mean. They have to do a course even, on the subject called ‘Consent’. Third, love is not
prohibited here. But it is prohibited to be in love with only one person! Because, in order to
become a successful artist, one must practice Polygamy. Last, but not the least, one here learns
how to survive without food as it is a universal truth that artists do not get timely food!
Siladitya and co. pass through this kind of life. There is Monalisa, too, who is the right hand of
Bhinchi Babu and is very strict. In order to enjoy the campus-life one must minutely avoid the
red-eyed Monalisa. The students get the support to do so from their beloved teacher, Arno da!
An ex-IICan, Arno da always comes forward to resolve any and every issue that the students
face here.
Meanwhile, after passing an assignment with flying colours, Siladitya, Anujoy, Rai, Keya, Babi
get to know that Vinci iBharati Academy has two separate wings! One is for the students like
Anujoy etc, which is known as ‘Talented Wing’. The other one is called ‘Chosen Wing’. This wing
is for those who has been brought to this world with only one objective–To Become an Artist!
Some of them have won reality shows at the age of six, some have gathered millions of dollars
at a tender age, some have gathered enormous YouTube followers.
The next part reveals as these two wings are engaged in a competition where they compete
each other. This is called Healthy Competition. Arno guides the team of Siladitya and co.
whereas Devdutta is mentoring the other team. Devdutta is a professor of Negligible
Knowledge, but she is more resourceful than Arno. The team which wins this competition, get
the chance to participate in Uncommon Room Access exam which is held six months prior to
IIC. There are 200 seats inside the Uncommon Room and it is a known fact that whoever has
the advantage of Uncommon Room, will have a huge advantage in IIC.
The preparation starts. They engage in their studies. Love pops out at some situation, making
life hell of the people. We see number of hurdles, which are to be overcome. The main attraction
of this Five-Episode series is to see who wins the Healthy Competition at the end.

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Season One

Release Date
Sep 24, 2022



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