You Started It – Daniel Fernandes
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You Started It with Daniel Fernandes – Season 3 Out Now

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India's most mainstream but fringe stand up comedian Daniel Fernandes is back with his podcast where he discusses standup, politics and the whole shebang. Daniel has emabrked on a new pay-as-you-like model where the ones who enjoy his content directly get to support him, so please if you like him and his comedy. Support him through the links given below

>******** PAY-AS-YOU-LIKE ********

If you liked the podcast and want to pay for viewing it, click on either of the payment links below. You can pay pretty much whatever you want, or not at all. Either way, thank you for taking the time to support my work. Cheers!



Where to watch You Started It with Daniel Fernandes – Season 3 Out Now

Season Three

Season Two

Season One


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