Thank God for Friends

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Sometimes a simple fight between a couple can escalate to really unpleasant heights. And sometimes in such a case all we need is friends. To lend a shoulder, to show us the way. Watch if Abhimanyu & Meera succeed in being those friends in Smita & Akshay’s lives, in this mini series of Pyar Ka


| Shitty Ideas Trending

From the makers of MEN THE REAL VICTIMS, comes a new tale of husband wife banter! Is it the BETTER half, or the BITTER half?

What happens when guests who land up at your place are not only uninvited but are total strangers to your wife! Watch the teaser of the new Web-Series launching next Friday, that is, the 21st of April 2017, right here on SIT!

Ashwin & Shalini are going to Bangalore and Shalini finds it extremely difficult to deal with the airline ground staff at the check-in counter. Or is it the ground staff who finds it difficult to deal with Shalini? What ensues between them is hilarious to watch, and not so hilarious to bear, when it comes

Ashwin & Shalini go to Mahabaleshwar for Ashwin’s college reunion. Watch what ensues!