Shut Up Ya Kunal

| Kunal Kamra

Where political personalities appear for a constructive and fun chat while critiquing the current state of Indian media & politics.

In episode 1 of You Started It, Daniel Fernandes chats with Anu Menon and Kunal Kamra about people who take comedy too seriously, a strange threat to Kunal’s father and how Anu deals with questions about Lola Kutty.


| Books on Toast

The Books on Toast BoTCast is a weekly show where we discuss literature: the good, the bad, the timepass, the serious, the best, the worst and everything else in between. We have a new guest and topic in every episode, so be sure to check back every Wednesday to see waddup!

Global Comedian Podcast

| Sanjaycomedy

Starting a new series of uploads every Tuesday called the Global Comedian Podcast. I sit down with comics from all over the world and we chat about all things comedy.