Oho Gujarati web series

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With the advancing popularity of OTT platforms, producers, creators and artists try more and more to bring regional content to mainstream media. Oho Gujarati is one such platform. 

This is a subscription video-on-demand platform which offers premium Gujarati content exclusively! Oho Gujarati holds the best of Gujarati web series and movies and brings to life the culture, colour and talent of regional artists. 

Here is everything you need to know about Oho Gujarati:

How can you watch Oho Gujarati?

Oho Gujarati is available on Amazon Fire Stick and Android TV.

Is Oho Gujarati an app?

Yes! Good news for the fans! The developers worked on a platform app that is now live on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

What are the various subscription plans that Oho Gujarati offers?

The platform offers one of the most extensive subscription models for a variety of options. All these plans offer advertisement-free premium access content.
All these plans offer advertisement-free premium access content.

  • Solo Plan (Rs 399/- per year): This plan allows you to log into two devices with the same ID. You can stream content on one device at a time.
  • Family Plan (Rs 499/- per year): With this plan, you can log into four devices with the same ID and stream content on two devices simultaneously.
  • Friends Plan (Rs 599/- per year), 2-year plan (Rs 999/- per year), 3-year plan (Rs 1499/- per year): Each of these plans offers you the option to log into six devices and you can stream content on four of them simultaneously.

What are some of the best shows on Oho Gujarati?

The following are some of the highest-rated shows on the platform- Reena’s Beauty Studio, Ghaat, Moh Maaya Machine, and Happily Never After. Its current most successful show Vittal Teedi features Scam 1992 fame Pratik Gandhi.

Is Oho Gujarati available all over the world?

The terms and conditions of the platform specify very clearly that the content of Oho Gujarati will be available only in select countries.

And that brings us to the end of everything you need to know about Oho Gujarati. Stay tuned to this space for more latest updates about OTT platforms and series!