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Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms in the world that has truly revolutionized the concept of OTTs and entertainment accessibilities for the viewing audience. It is versatile- can be streamed on a number of devices and screens. It also covers a large number of genres and languages and caters to a wide and diverse audience. 

In India, Netflix has started strong with the explosive entry in 2018 with Sacred Games (Now in Season 2). In 2019, there were six original hindi Netflix web series released and 2020 promises a lot more. They are already off to the races with Jamtara.

Here is everything that you would need to know about subscribing to Netflix in India!

What is the cost of Netflix subscription in India?

The cost of subscription is loosely based around the American prices. Audiences will be able to view shows at as low as Rs 149/- per month. Pricing system is as follows:

  • The 149/- plan: This is the most basic plan that Netfix offers. You have access to all the shows in SD resolution but are limited to only one screen of access- either a mobile phone or a tablet.
  • The 199/- plan: An upgrade from the previous plan, you can view your shows in SD resolution on multiple devices but only one device at a time.
  • The 499/- plan: This is a standard and cost effective plan that most users opt for. This plan allows you to view content on two devices simultaneously in HD resolution.
  • The 649/- plan: This is a premium package. You get to view content in four different devices simultaneously and in Ultra HD 4K resolution.
  • The first month of viewing is free and the platform will charge a cost of Rs 70/- to authenticate your card if you choose it as a payment option.

Will I be able to view local content?

Netflix is an international platform that has just opened its market to Indian shows and content. It has local content but not as much as other platforms that cater purely to local content like MX Player, AltBalaji etc.

What are the terms of content censorship?

Netflix has a lot of content that is intended for mature audiences. It gives disclaimer for all mature content before the show starts. If you are worried about parental controls, it offers a child-friendly profile where the content is filtered and censored. You can also password protect your profiles to make sure that nobody except you is viewing your content!

Where do I watch my netflix?

Netflix, as mentioned above, is extremely versatile and can be viewed on multiple screens for the same account (depending on your subscription plan). It is suited for a big screen like a projector or a television, or a medium-sized screen like a laptop or an iPad, and a small screen like a mobile phone. It has compatibility with both Windows and MacOS.

Why can’t I watch a lot of shows on my Netflix?

Netflix India doesn’t have the complete catalogue of shows that are available internationally. Now Netflix is opening up its archive of shows for Indian audiences too at a fixed pace. Keep an eye out for the upcoming shows in the app or the website itself and don’t miss any of your much-awaited shows!

If you have any more queries regarding your subscription, drop them below in the comments and we will answer it!