Mr. Das

| Cheers!

Dealing with the stresses of everyday life in a big city, Mr. Das has a major problem in his life: His Boss. Like an abusive relationship, the strain of the tirade of his superior is causing all sorts of problems in his life. Watch Kumar Varun starring in & as ‘Mr. Das’.

Off The Record

| ScoopWhoop Unscripted

Historically, Politics and casual conversations haven’t been the best of friends. Samdish Bhatia attempts to marry these two by having poignant yet fun chats with Indian politicians.

The most common questions related to sex and relations answered in the most casual and informed ways in this new Marathi web series. Each episode in here deals with a different issue in a fun and entertaining way. Prayas Health Group presents, ‘Safe Journeys’, a series addressing topics related to human sexual behaviour and issues.

Pyar Ka Punch

| Shitty Ideas Trending

Watch how Abhimanyu and Meera handle the trials and the little things of a modern marriage in this hilarious collection of short snippets.

Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan get candid about their journey and reveal many secrets!

Home Sweet Office (HSO)

| Dice Media

Running a startup? Ok, good. Startup partner is your cousin? Well… that’s ok. Still manageable. The office is in the middle of your middle class Baniya family’s home in Delhi? Now that’s a situation. And a comedic one. Watch how Adhira and Shagun make their way through their family, their relationship and the startup culture

A short one minute minute profile of the India’s newest and leading rappers, MCs and other hip-hop artists, in the partnership with Gully Boy, this is Voice of the Streets and they’ve got something to say.

TSP’s Hum Tum

| Screenpatti

It doesn’t get any cuter than this. Watch your heart melt in TSP’s Hum Tum, a coming-of-age web series where two best friends discover new-found love between them and all the little vignettes life puts them through. You can’t have love without friendship and these two are here to prove that true. Watch now on

Dulha Wanted


Aarti is desperately on the lookout for a groom. Watch Tridha Choudhary in this quest to get a Dulha in Dulha Wanted, iDIVA’s latest web series.

In this animated web series, Sadhguru talks about Shiva and his all-encompassing nature and how he embodies contradictory qualities that defy explanation. Sadhguru reveals how if we can embrace Shiva, we have embraced life itself in all its dimensions.

Mom And Co

| The Zoom Studios

Adi is a 26 year old who still lives with his mother and that is a problem to him. For he knows that he cannot leave his widowed mother alone but also bring with her is a constant struggle to grow up. And in this they manage to start something together. Find out what in

Love On The Rocks

| MensXP

MensXP’s Love On The Rocks is an anthology web series of 8 short films which tackle the varying sides of 21st century, new-age relationships and the hurdles that millennial couples have to go through in these testing times.

Joint Venture

| MensXP

Who hasn’t thought of this? A stoner’s always on the lookout for easier ways to score some but the pesky lawman won’t let everything be 420. What if there was an app to do so? Watch Joint Venture to find out what happens in this stoner startup.


| Dr Abhinit Gupta


| Pearle Maaney

Unfolding Stardom

| Digital Companion

“Unfolding Stardom” where you will meet and get to know your favourite Digital Celebrities such as Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit, Chote Miyan, Ritvik Sahore and many more.

The story revolves around three close friends Pallavi, Archana & Priya, who come from different backgrounds and are on the look out of their Mr.Perfect. During this exciting Journey, an unexpected event completely changes their perspective. This 6 episodic Marathi web series is laced with comedy and drama. Don’t forget to watch the 1st Episode

Tik Talkies

| Tik Talkies

Tik Talkies is the first Thriller Web Series in Malayalam

Girls Hostel

| Girliyapa

Imagine a night in with 4 girls. Now imagine doing that for 4 years. In a building full of girls that is a Girl’s Hostel. Live the Dushmani, the Dosti, the Pyaar, the Bhasad. Watch Girliyapa Originals’ Whisper Presents GIRLS HOSTEL


| Seagram's Imperial Blue

The wait is finally over. Get ready to witness a laugh riot with our first ever series on #MenWillBeMen called #DilDostiDaftar. Watch now! The first episode ‘Hawa Tie-ght’ streaming now. #ImperialBlueMenWillBeMen

Bang Bang

| फिलमबाझ Films

This is a story of 3 friends on their quest to get some bang bang for one of them !!

Tinku Teenager

| LShokeen Films

First Episode of School Days Web Series TINKU TEENAGER, When Tinku met Kiran Ma’am and a big Suspense is there 🙂 Enjoy and Subscribe! #tinkuteenager #lalitshokeen

Cheers – Friends. Reunion. Goa

| Cheers!

Here’s presenting a brand new web series ‘Cheers – Friends. Reunion. Goa’, a story of 4 friends reuniting in Goa, fulfilling their promise to each other! It is time to relive memories and live life to the fullest with each other just once more!