Zee5 web series

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ZEE5 is another regional content streaming platform in the Indian market right now and it holds 4500+ movies, 200+ web series that premiere on the app before television broadcast and all this content is 100% ad-free! You can watch content in multiple regional languages of your choice and some of the best picks of the platform are- Kaali, Crash, Abhay and Qubool Hai 2.0.

Here’s everything you need to know about ZEE5!

Do you have to pay to watch content on ZEE5?

ZEE5 has a mix of both free and premium content and caters to a wide demographic of over 18 languages. Premium content needs a payment however it offers perks like access to ZEE5 originals and ad-free content. Everything else can be watched with free registration.

What devices are compatible with streaming ZEE5 content?

ZEE5 runs on both Android and iOS devices and can be streamed on smartphones, tablets and iPads, laptops, PCs and TVs.

Can ZEE5 content be downloaded?

ZEE5 content can be downloaded on the device you are watching at whatever resolution suits you the best and can be accessed without an active internet connection. However, the app does have content that is subject to copyright. They will not be open to downloads.

What are the parental controls that ZEE5 offers?

ZEE5 does offer parental controls to restrict children from watching questionable content. You can set the age restriction to the content your child/ children can view and then lock it with a PIN. The best way to avail of this feature of the platform is through the mobile app.

What are the subscription options that the Zee5 app provides?

ZEE5 has three plans which are as follows:
1. The Free Plan: You can view any content that doesn’t fall under the Premium category on as many devices as you want. All you need is an initial sign up!
2. The 3-Month Premium Plan: At a nominal fee of Rs 399/-, you can view all the premium features the app has to offer on 2 devices simultaneously.
3. The 1-Year Premium Plan: This plan has a saver offer of 40% off on Rs 999/-! So just for Rs 599/- you get year-long access to premium content even before television broadcast on 3 devices at the same time!

ZEE5 is among so many other platforms that have taken it upon themselves to develop the world of Indian OTTs and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Go help yourself to the massive amounts of content ZEE5 has to offer!