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Top 140+ Indian Adult Web Series in Hindi

With the advent of web series content in India, there has been a surplus of content that aims to do what traditional media doesn’t allow them to. Hot, Adult web series are just a step in the right to internet freedom and that is what the public is searching for. Why are these web series getting highlighted? Maybe because for some people it is all they see. But there are stories hidden inside these hot online desi series. Stories you wouldn’t normally get to see if the censorship came in the way. And sometimes you do have to cross the conservative barrier to getting your story across and that is what we believe these adult web series pave the way for.

Anyway, here’s the list of around 200+ of the latest bold 18+ adult web series in India. Webisoda has the newest of the hottest shows releasing on the market with full cast list and the ability to rate them yourself.

Most of the adult web series in India are in Hindi, but you can also find them in other languages:

Best Adult Web Series FAQs

What are adult web series?

Adult web series, simply put, are the web series catered to the 18+ age group of people. In India, it mostly means erotica but it can also include drama series that are too sexual in content, has some gruesome violence, harsh swear words and cursing and visuals not meant for the adolescent public

What languages are adult web series available in?

Adult web series in India are mostly available in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi

How to Download Adult Web Series in Hindi?

You can use sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Kooku, Hotshots which offer apps from which you can download their web series. After downloading these apps and registering for them, you can download the adult web series from the apps itself.

Where can I watch Indian adult/erotic web series?

If you scroll down, you can see all the Indian web series listed as adult in all the languages :) . You can apply filters above to refine your search.