Kota Factory

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Kota is a place that induces fear in some and nostalgia in others, and Vaibhav, an average student from small town Itarsi ventures into its underbelly, enrolls in its IIT coaching and the good and bad it brings with it. Watch India’s first Black and White show that shows all the grey areas the students’


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Nobody does coming-of-age better than TVF and in partnership with MXPlayer, they’ve launched another masterpiece. A coming-of-age story of a young teenager Dhruv on the cusp of adulthood, this tale is filled with many firsts. The first crush, first drink, first fight and first broken hearts.  Watch this TVF Original to see how young hearts cope with the

TVF Yeh Meri Family

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Mutual Funds Sahi Hai presents TVF’s Yeh Meri Family: Summer of ’98. A TVF Original web-series, Yeh Meri Family takes you back 20 years, to a simpler time in the home of the Guptas, in the summer of 1998. Meet 12-year old Harshu, elder brother Dabbu, Chitti – the little one, and their parents, with

TVF Inmates

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Meet the Inmates :Madhav, Fooga, Rahul, Kay and Richa. 5 Friends. 1 Madhouse.

Bisht Please

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Unbox The Misadventures of a Good Girl.

TVF Bachelors

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Will the Bachelors win against all odds?


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Three fathers trying to catch up with young generation. TVF’s F.A.T.H.E.R.S

Humorously Yours

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Follow the life of Vipul Goyal , a Stand Up comedian. As the tagline says “The drama behind the comedy”

Divorced, jobless, hopeless. Three siblings plan a road trip together. Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan. Together they start a hilarious journey, to find themselves and their relations. Season 2: Chandan has published a book, Chanchal is in power and Chitvan is well, still Chitvan. What is bringing the trio back together this time? Join Chandan, Chanchal

TVF Pitchers

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A story of trials and tribulations of four young entrepreneurs who quit their day jobs in order to pursue their start up venture.

Permanent Roommates

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A couple, who were in a long distance relationship for 3 years, face the prospect of getting married.

TVF’s The Making Of..

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A show which re-creates the ‘Fake’ Behind-The-Scenes of everything popular in India.

Aadha 24

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The night before the final end semester examinations. Somebody is trying to get rid of Hostel President Thakur, the only one with all the notes for the next day’s exam

Those random philosophical conversations you’ve had with a cup of tea and a cigarette