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Vignettes cut out of the lives of small-town, big-minded but middle-class to the core Mishra family, this web series will warm your soul. TVF’s ‘Gullak’ is made up of stories filled with the flavours of the by-lanes of heartland North India and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen of these places. Savour in the joy, the sadness, the small things, the big changes and a belly full of love. This is ‘Gullak’, the piggy bank of memories and is premiering on SonyLiv, in collaboration with TheViralFever.

Where to watch Gullak?

Gullak is a web series produced by , and is now streaming on . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

Release Date
Jun 26, 2019

Season Two

Release Date
Jan 15, 2020

Season Three

Release Date
Apr 7, 2022

Gullak Web Series Review (2022)



1 thought on “Gullak”

  1. Hi, I love the concept trailers of this series Gullak but I can’t see the episodes unfortunately due to high rates of subscription plus living in Pakistan. I don’t know when will we get free of these restrictions. The entire casts have done a superb job as shown in trailers.


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