The story revolves around three close friends Pallavi, Archana & Priya, who come from different backgrounds and are on the look out of their Mr.Perfect. During this exciting Journey, an unexpected event completely changes their perspective. This 6 episodic Marathi web series is laced with comedy and drama. Don’t forget to watch the 1st Episode

Bang Bang

| फिलमबाझ Films

This is a story of 3 friends on their quest to get some bang bang for one of them !!

Full Tight

| SonyLIV

Aditya represents today’s modern generation who lives a very carefree life. His father Ajit is retired and mother Madhuri is a housewife. They believe that their son is a very simple and decent boy. Aditya is going steady with Sameera and his parents too like her and have accepted her as their would-be daughter in


| Raanvat Productions

नमस्कार …..मित्रांनो आज टीम ऑस्करवाडी घेऊन आलीये तुमच्या भेटीला एक नवीन वेबसरीज, यामध्ये आहेत गावाकडचे भन्नाट विषय आणि त्याचा हा पहिला प्रोमो…..

Horn Ok Please

| Zee5

What happens when Sanskari meets Atyachari? Advik and Gayathri – both young and ambitious but poles apart with each other’s personalities. Destiny brought them together and now, with their new ‘live-in arrangement’ they decide not to come in each other’s way. But as we know, life always has its own plans.

Join Sankalpa on her journey to find Mr.Perfect.


| Khaas Re TV

Narcos Dubbed in Marathi

Firangi Katta

| I Am Marathi

GRE done ! TOEFL done ! College Acceptance done ! Visa Interview done ! Sid, Rudresh आणि Shabby त्यांची पहिली International flight घेऊन अमेरिकेला जायला तयार आहेत.

Dotted Or Flavoured

| Cafe Marathi

CafeMarathi Presents the Official Trailer of its First Web Series – “Dotted Ki Flavoured”. This is a funny story of Manish Pawar, an Engineering Graduate who gets a job as a Condom Sales Executive. Manish is confused whether he should take up the job or not. He doesnt’ know what should he tell his parents.

Candid Gappa

| Bharatiya Digital Party

BhaDiPa’s Marathi roundtable series featuring your favourite stars. Watch them get as real, and as candid as possible! Episode coming soon!


| Funishment Prod

Funishment A Web Series Of Funny Videos To Relieve Your Stress.

Modern story of an urban girl. Gear up to experience the #NewNormal

A short tale about depression and how it creeps up on oneself slowly, taking the person and the ones he loves down and crumbles their life. The aim of the web series is simple, Talk. Talk to your friends, family, spouses, therapists, anyone.  Call Aasra 022 2754 6669 if you need someone to hear you

Random Gappa

| Rajshri Marathi

This monsoon meet Santya and Bantya and experience their friendship as they have some Random Gappa. Gear up to witness some bro code. A tale of two friends. Rajshri Marathi brings you a fresh take over friendship and the random gappa that we have with our friends.

Shock Katha

| Virus Marathi

Stories about every day occurrences that seemingly feel normal. Stories that happen around us everyday. Stories that some of us experience but never realize. Shock Katha is about events that bind us as humans and broadens our perspectives. It reveals the dark truths and the white lies. It is the story of us realizing that

Awesome Twosome

| Virus Marathi

The journey of two girls on a trip that will take you to the unexplored places of Maharashtra. The bonding of two independent girls who seek thrill in their life and want to visit new destinations, find new pathways, and enjoy the pure culture of Maharashtra. Backpack to unexplored and mystique places within Maharashtra with

Kavitecha Paan

| Miracles Saraswati

‘Kavitecha Paan’ ~ Web Series on Marathi poems conceived and Directed by Madhurani Gokhale-Prabhulkar. Web series produced by Miracles Academy.

Night Out

| Reverb Katta

Meet the friends Dhobal, Andy and Fattu in this first episode of Night Out!

Sairat 2 , spoof , it is comic web series Written & directed by :Mohit T.Ghatage

Kavitecha Gana Hotana

| Saleel Kulkarni

कागदावरची कविता आणि आपण ऐकतो ते गाणं यामधला प्रवास .. ऐकुया सलील कडून .. कवितेचं गाणं होताना


| SonyLIV

YOLO is a story of 4 friends, Choko, Pari, Sarika and Rochak who come from different families and economic backgrounds. All 4 are distinctly different from each other in upbringing, approach and attitude towards life. However their desires, dreams, explorations and hunger for experiences are similar.

Struggler Saala

| Chavat

Struggler Saala web series is about struggling actors in the Marathi film industry

Casting Couch with Amey, Nipun – Marathi Web Series A Marathi celebrity talk show where guests are secretly being tested, auditioned, and recruited to help this Actor/Director duo with their next film.


| Cycling Octopus

Friction – An eight part web series that documents the stories of India’s adventurers, collectors and builders of all things that move on the road.