AltBalaji web series

Total Shows: 60

AltBalaji is a VOD (Video on Demand) platform wholly owned by Balaji Telefilms. This is one of the biggest hindi OTT content platforms in India with spicy, raunchy content that has an enormous fan following! This is THE central for Hindi soaps and television drama and man oh man does it deliver the right content to the right demographic! Did you know that AltBalaji was never made to compete with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? It was made purely for hindi local entertainment and for a very cost-effective demographic!

This is everything you need to know about AltBalaji!

How much does an AltBalaji subscription cost?

AltBalaji is one of the most affordable platforms in the market right now. For a mere Rs 100/-, you can watch premium AltBalaji content for a whopping three months, and a 12 month extended plan for Rs 300/-!

How many screens does AltBalaji allow viewing at the same time?

With an AltBalaji premium account, you can view content on 5 screens simultaneously.

Can AltBalaji support chromecast?

Yes! AltBalaji does support chromecast. The app will have an information panel helping you cast content.

Does AltBalaji have a content censor?

The platform developers have very clearly stated that they don’t actively promote adult content, but AltBalaji specifically has a warning for people joining the app that the content is for mature audiences and the viewer has to be 18+ before joining the platform.

How to remove a series from ‘Continue Watching’ on AltBalaji?

Click on the series that you want to remove from the list, and a confirmation dialogue box will pop-up. Once you click ‘OK’, your series will be removed from the ‘Continue Watching’ list.

Does AltBalaji work outside of India?

AltBalaji is available internationally through Amazon Prime Video and Yupp TV. It is one of the very few Indian content streaming platforms to be available overseas!

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