Permanent Roommates
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Permanent Roommates

Out Now

Mikesh is back from the US and he has wedding bells on his mind but Tanya is not ready to go the extra-distance just now. Permanent Roommates is widely considered to be the first Indian web series to make it big, go viral and set the trend for creators to come. Quirky characters, relatable stories and full of humour and emotion, the writers manage to toy with our feelings successfully.

In Permanent Roommates – Season 1:, they are looking to live as a live-in couple and are apartment hunting for the same purpose.

In Permanent Roommates – Season 2:, we find them contemplating wedding after a pregnancy test comes as positive, how will they deal with the familial, societal and peer pressure? The quirkiness and the lovable characters return in Permanent Roommates Season 2, streaming now on TVFPlay.

Permanent Roommates – Audible Season: He Said, She Said: We don’t know how this housewarming is going to pan out, but we are sure that Mikesh & Tanya are all warmed up for an all new season of Permanent Roommates: He Said, She Said only on Audible Suno.

Permanent Roommates – Season 3: As of now, there is no news about Season 3. Subscribe to our notifications to know as soon as there is any news

Where to watch Permanent Roommates?

Permanent Roommates is a web series produced by and is now streaming on , . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

Release Date
Oct 29, 2014

Season Two

Release Date
Feb 27, 2016

Special Season

Release Date
Mar 11, 2020



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