Fuck Buddies

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No strings attached or friends with benefits? This new Tamil show tells the spicy story of Jiah and Jay and their kinda-relationship built on their first hot date. Sexual exploration is coming to your doorstep. Are you ready?

Love OK Please

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4 men and 4 women go on a journey of love through beautiful Himachal. Will the relationships they develop in this reality show stand the experiments that the host, Karan Wahi, throws them into?


| MX PlayerThe Viral Fever

Nobody does coming-of-age better than TVF and in partnership with MXPlayer, they’ve launched another masterpiece. A coming-of-age story of a young teenager Dhruv on the cusp of adulthood, this tale is filled with many firsts. The first crush, first drink, first fight and first broken hearts.  Watch this TVF Original to see how young hearts cope with the


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Once a tag is attached to your name, it is hard to get it off. Especially if you’re a woman in India ready to get arranged marriage-ed, your baggage becomes an imperfection. Watch how Ricky, someone who is ready to settle copes with the Aafat that the beautiful prospects, who come with their own quirk

Hey Prabhu!

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Online Hero, Offline Zero? Everything important is not achieved online and that’s what Prabhu, a young guy in his mid-20s, has to learn. His personal life takes a turn for the weird when he begins suffering from erectile dysfunction. Your twitter popularity won’t solve this problem! Streaming now on MXPlayer.

What? A Startup to fulfill all my wishes? Even the craziest ones? Like a genie in my… apple? Well, sign me up. Watch the budding face of digital entertainment Shivankit Singh manage this weird assembly of a startup in this new Arre Original releasing exclusively on MXPlayer.

Lots of Love

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There are some things you can’t disclose to your family and in that case, in the case of managing love, heartbreak, and all that wonderful/terrible situations, the shoulders supporting you are the ones of your frriends. Watch how these best friends manage life in this new telugu Original web series releasing on MX Player.