Genre: Thriller
Web Series


| Zee5

Dia Mirza plays Kainaaz, a young Pakistani mother who finds herself on this side of the border and is unable to go back to he homeland. Tensions rise as she is accused of being a militant and as her lawyer who strives for justice. Watch this gripping tale based on real life events in ‘Kaafir’


| Hotstar

Held hostage, and with her family’s life at stake, will Dr. Mira Anand take a life to save lives? A doctor and her family is taken hostage and their safety is guaranteed only when she performs what they ask: Killing the Chief Minister on the operating table. Will Dr. Mira Anand go over her ethics


| Zee5

A new threat is looming for the oil-controlling nations of the world and that is from a small-time scientist who has invented a Herbal fuel or atleast, claims to have. They take notice of him as he has the potential to disrupt their stranglehold over the world’s oil. But is he telling the truth? Find


| ALT Balaji

Based on the best selling Novel ‘Black Suits You’, this is the story of a famous erotica author Kiyaan Roy and his various escapades or sexcapeds. Rich, savvy, and getting laid a lot, he is living the perfect life, until ‘she’ walks into his life and lays out the possibilities that heightened pleasure can bring with


| Zee5

Based on Aroon Raman’s book of the same name, Skyfire is India’s first mainstream scifi-disaster web series. A chain of events that begin with a slum kid’s disappearanceand culminate into seemingly unrelated, strange phenomenons. Get ready for the calamities. Skyfire is streaming on May 22nd on Zee5

Auto Shankar

| Zee5

The story of how a auto-rickshaw driver Gowri Shankar became the infamous serial killer ‘Auto Shankar’ who terrorised the streets of then Madras in the 80s and 90s. The terrifying, horrendous, shocking yet real psyche of the man explored in this new series


| Zee5

An ex-convict hell-bent on revenge, a police officer eyeing the big target and a don ruling over Goa’s underworld get their lives tangled in this story. Find out what happens when things begin to unravel for each of them.


| Eros Now

Bijoy Nambiar gets his feet wet in this anthology series with the most bizarre stories that will leave you flipped.

Astey Ladies

| Hoichoi

Three desperate women turn robbers to save their hairstyling parlour, Salon De Paris. Now, they’re in the middle of something big: a diamond heist! What’s next?

The Final Call

| Zee5

Arjun Rampal dons a role like he has never before. Depressed captain Karan Sachdev of Skyline flight 502 decides to end his life but at the wrong time, for he has not only endangered his life but that of 300 other passengers. The ATS team has to take matters into their own hands to save

Bou Keno Psycho

| Hoichoi

A skeleton discovered in a tank reveals the existence of five psycho housewives. What’s making these women cause terror in the lives of their husbands?

Sharate Aaj

| Zee5

Out of their own country, these group of NRI Bengalis want to peacefully celebrate Durga Puja but a terrorist group plans to foil their religious festivities. Watch how Indians and Bangladeshis come together in Sharate Aaj, a ZEE5 Bengali Original thriler drama. Who will triumph?

Voot’s ShortCuts is an anthology of 12 different short films, each varying in their twists and turns and each one’s ending is worth the time spent. These stories delve into your inner fears, innate desires, raunchy escapades, destroyed childhood and much much more.


| Zee5

ZEE5’s original web series ‘Abhay’portrays Kunal Khemu as the investigative officer who is onto solve a peculiar murder case while simultaneously wrestling with his own inner demons.

Ekkadiki Ee Parugu

| Zee5

ZEE5’s Telugu Original ‘Ekkadiki Ee Parugu’ is a new web series that show what happens to a man and everyone around him when his wife suddenly disappears under mysterious circumstances. Now released in multiple languages.


| Dr Abhinit Gupta



Shabnam is an enchantress of the night and has her own secrets, buried deep inside a makup box. Gupta Ji seeking her services unexpectadly falls in love with her. Shabnam dies and Guptaji takes the box home. The mysterious makeup box turns his daughter and wife into prostitutes. How will he save his family? How

Wanna Have a Good Time


A husband plans to cheat on his wife in her absence by calling a prostitute but when she does come he finds that she looks exactly like his wife. What is this twist of fate? Find out now on ‘Wanna Have a Good Time’ on the  Ullu app.

Tik Talkies

| Tik Talkies

Tik Talkies is the first Thriller Web Series in Malayalam

Do Not Disturb

| Hoichoi

Privacy is needed by all, but can all enter the private zone? Hoichoi presents “Do Not Disturb” narrating six stories happening at six rooms. Will you check in?


| Zee5

Rangbaaz, a ZEE5 Original is a crime thriller series that is set against the rustic background of the Gorakhpur of the 90’s with hues of crime, blood lust and dirty politics.

Date with Saie

| Zee5

The story revolves around a popular actress who is stalked by a maniac fan, who places cameras to track her every move and make a film on her life. What happens when Saie discovers about the cameras and the crazy fan posing a threat to her private life.

Behind Closed Doors

| Viu Tamil

This is an anthology of stories that take place inside different places, each dealing with its own set of characters and conflicts. The series is directed by Naveen Kumar, Bhargav Prasad and Rakesh Lenin and produced by Viu and Banner Films

13 Mussoorie

| Viu India

Based on the backdrop of a beautiful and serene city Mussoorie, the series revolves around a mysterious story of a merciless serial killer ‘AKS’. The entire city is in a miff to know about the man behind the endless murders. A fearless journalist Aditi Bisht, daughter of a celebrated senior cop of the city –