Genre: College
Web Series

Medically Yourrs

| ALT Balaji

One of the two choices made for you when you are born in India is Engineering or Medical? And when you are born to a family of doctors, you have no say in the matter. Follow Abir Basu as he navigates KIMS medical college through an education he wants nothing to do with. With him

Sex Drugs & Theatre

| Zee5

The Marathi college theater scene is well known to be a pool of hidden talent. Watch how six students who dabble in drugs and sex and love doing so reluctantly come together on stage and take part in a prestigious karandak

TSP’s Hum Tum

| Screenpatti

It doesn’t get any cuter than this. Watch your heart melt in TSP’s Hum Tum, a coming-of-age web series where two best friends discover new-found love between them and all the little vignettes life puts them through. You can’t have love without friendship and these two are here to prove that true. Watch now on

Girls Hostel

| Girliyapa

What goes on inside the four walls of the ever-so-secretive Girls Hostel where no boys are allowed? When girls aren’t dissuaded from being who they are, you get to witness all the range of actions and emotions that can happen within the ecosystem. How will these four girls manage these four years in the Girls

Campus Calling

| EatTreat

Campus Calling is an edgy, modern web series & a bittersweet documentation of the emotions we feel when we return to our roots. We’ve taken 4 youth icons back to where it all began: college. It tugs at the heart strings of everyone who has gone to college and looks back upon their campus days