Genre: Stoner
Web Series

Joint Venture

| MensXP

Who hasn’t thought of this? A stoner’s always on the lookout for easier ways to score some but the pesky lawman won’t let everything be 420. What if there was an app to do so? Watch Joint Venture to find out what happens in this stoner startup.


| Zee5

A stoner comedy that will make you question ‘are you laughing at the thing you’re not supposed to be laughing at?’ Mitta focuses on Sathu, Lallu and Aalu who do a favour for their drug-peddling friend Ishtiaq and sell someone a bag of weed, but it all goes sideways and they need to get that


| Black Pasanga


| Ex Films

If you’re an Engineer, you definitely have thought for once to start your own money making machine, a Startup. Be that a Tea Stall, Xerox Shop … Or what? Crushed Season One, brings to you the story of Deb, BC, Modi and Mahi who go through the exact turmoil and bring out the startup that’s

Maal Bro

| The Woohoo Project

Raman and Mallik are two bachelors, who are roommates, they roll a joint, and smoke some dope ass weed, get high and baked and get munchies, After Smoking a few joints. It’s a crisis, A munchies crisis. will they cook? or order from outside? how will they eat? what will they eat? Pizza maybe? Watch


| ScoopWhoop

Baked is India’s most ambitious original fiction web-series which chronicles the misadventures of three university flatmates who decide to start a midnight food delivery service.