Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice

Out Now

Season One: One night of passionate sex with a stranger takes a turn for the worse when Aditya wakes up to find himself with the dead body of the woman and no memory of the event. Watch this official remake of the British show of the same name to find out what happens.

Season Two – Behind Closed Doors: In the intense, gripping follow up of Criminal Justice in Season 2: ‘Behind Closed Doors’ lawyers rejecting the case of Anuradha Chandra (Kirti Kulhari), calling it an open-and-shut case. Finally, small-time lawyer Madhav Mishra enters the scene as he sees this case as an opportunity to earn a lot of money. There starts Madhav and Anuradha’s fight against the system, which has pronounced her guilty even before the judge could.

Season 3 – Adhura Sach: When a teenage star’s brother becomes the prime suspect in her murder, Madhav Mishra takes the case, only to realise he has to first tackle his client’s lies. Watch Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach – Hindi Crime TV Series on Disney+ Hotstar now.

Where to watch Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice is a web series produced by and is now streaming on . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

Release Date
Apr 5, 2019

Season Two

Release Date
Dec 24, 2020

Season Three

Release Date
Aug 26, 2022



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  1. I have never seen such a stupid series/movie like this .. It has just wasted my 3 hours, To know the stroy you need to just switch to its 6th and the 10th epi. and it has got clear. It is just to make the people fool who are watching .. 8.1/10 in IMDb seriously.


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