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Halloween Web Series India 2017


Halloween is a time where the Americans dress up goofily and scare people into giving them free stuff. In India, we call that politics. This day of the dead has been catching up in our country for the past few years and here we are jumping on the bandwagon, until it is declared anti-national of

7 Web Series to Brighten up your Diwali


Diwali is  a festival where we get the license to be our most loudest and exuberant self. That is the case for some people. For others, like me, it’s just another excuse to curl up and fire up a string of shows that warm the heart. Most of the shows in this list are family

Top Web Series (August 2017)


August was a good month for the web series market as a whole. The latter half of the year seems to encourage more and more creators to create and release their content. Of the total 9 series released, Yo ke Hua Bro and Hadh saw the most coverage from the media. As usual, raunchiness in web series looks