Here is another interesting story of Mr. India -(Invisible Superhero)where he finds his special invisible suit.


| Radioactive The Series

Radioactive is an upcoming Indian Superhero drama/mystery series which explores the life of an young Indian teenager who discovers that he has superhuman abilities. He also finds that there are more secrets to be unrevealed as story moves on.


| DK Films

When we first released the trailer for ‘Shaktimaan’ our motto was to create a web series on our first Indian Superhero but after the copyright issues of ‘Shaktimaan’ we couldn’t help but drop out the idea of it. We promised you a superhero and here it is off course its not ‘first Indian Superhero’ but

When an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, when the two biggest superheroes come face to face..Egos will clash. Problems will rise.