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The story of Prime Minister Narendra Modi shown in a larger-than-life fashion, with the 1975 Emergency acting as the crucial turning point in his life.


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Bijoy Nambiar gets his feet wet in this anthology series with the most bizarre stories that will leave you flipped.

Metro Park

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A deep-rooted Gujju family trying to live the American dream. Some enjoy, some struggle, most adjust. Watch how they cope with the ridiculous situations being an immigrant in Metro Park puts you in. NRI much?

Operation Cobra

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R.A.W. agent Karan Singh is the man called to action when the threat is of the size that no one knows about. This new radical terrorist outfit threatens the world and millions of people and it’s upto one guy to save our skins. Will Operation Cobra be a success? Watch now in this gripping EROS

Date Gone Wrong

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Is the perfect first date just a myth or does it really happen? Do you know who your soulmate is on the first meet or are first dates meant to go horribly wrong? Here are the stories of ten possible couples who find themselves in weird situations. Watch ‘Date Gone Wrong’ to see if their


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Set in Goa, #Smoke explores the dark web of drugs, mafia, and power. With the cartels at war, who will survive?


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#SIDEHERO is a fictionalised take on actor #KunaalRoyKapur’s life in Bollywood as a constantly neglected side-actor.