Genre: Coming of Age
Web Series

Medically Yourrs

| ALT Balaji

One of the two choices made for you when you are born in India is Engineering or Medical? And when you are born to a family of doctors, you have no say in the matter. Follow Abir Basu as he navigates KIMS medical college through an education he wants nothing to do with. With him

Kota Factory

| The Viral Fever

Kota is a place that induces fear in some and nostalgia in others, and Vaibhav, an average student from small town Itarsi ventures into its underbelly, enrolls in its IIT coaching and the good and bad it brings with it. Watch India’s first Black and White show that shows all the grey areas the students’

A pact to meet every Saturday turns into an exclusive club for these not-so-common teenagers. This evolves or de-volves into a FightClub like scenario for these kids with initiation processes and crazy levels of imagination. Watch The Insiders on TVFPlay and MXPlayer.


| MX PlayerThe Viral Fever

Nobody does coming-of-age better than TVF and in partnership with MXPlayer, they’ve launched another masterpiece. A coming-of-age story of a young teenager Dhruv on the cusp of adulthood, this tale is filled with many firsts. The first crush, first drink, first fight and first broken hearts.  Watch this TVF Original to see how young hearts cope with the

TSP’s Hum Tum

| Screenpatti

It doesn’t get any cuter than this. Watch your heart melt in TSP’s Hum Tum, a coming-of-age web series where two best friends discover new-found love between them and all the little vignettes life puts them through. You can’t have love without friendship and these two are here to prove that true. Watch now on

Puncch Beat

| ALT Balaji

The high-schoolers of Rosewood High are all about that extra-curricular life, from boxing to dance and everything in between. Follow the Puncch Beat gang in a story of punches and beats in AltBalaji’s newest web series.

Selection Day

| Netflix

For these two friends, it’s their dreams against the world. For Manju and Radha, Selection Day is the biggest day of their lives and will change their lives forever. But what do they really want? Are they adept at making such big decisions at such a tender age? Find out how cricket affects these boys

Tinku Teenager

| LShokeen Films

First Episode of School Days Web Series TINKU TEENAGER, When Tinku met Kiran Ma’am and a big Suspense is there 🙂 Enjoy and Subscribe! #tinkuteenager #lalitshokeen


| The Zoom Studios

Isha’s expectations: Perfect relationship, Perfect house, Perfect job, Perfect life Isha’s reality: Break-up, Homeless, Jobless, Lifeless

College ka Pyar

| LShokeen Films

Enjoy the comedy, turns and twists in first episode of web series ‘College ka Pyar’ Like, Comment and Share karna mat bhoolna 🙂


| Dice Media

From the makers of Little Things and What The Folks (WTF!) comes “Adulting”, a coming of age story about two young women trying to handle the responsibilities of being independent adults in the fast-paced, urban bustle of Mumbai. Take a peek into the daily life and shenanigans of two twenty-something women: Ray & Nikhat, as

Laakhon Mein Ek is an anthology series, depicting the lives of ordinary people, faced with otherwise extraordinary circumstances. It tells the stories of the untold heroes of the everyday who put others before themselves and always do the right thing no matter the obstacle in their path. Season 1 tells the story of Aakash, an