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Season 1: It’s Zoey’s 16th birthday, and Samar seems to have forgotten. How can he, after all this time?! Growing up in the same housing complex, going to each other’s birthday parties as a kid?
It’s a little different this time. They’re staying home, and they haven’t met in a while. And there may be newly blossoming feelings involved on either side…
Did Samar forget, or is this birthday going to be the most memorable one?

Season 2: Kartik and Radhika are college best friends. They’re close, share everything, and go to each other for both approvals and advice. But Kartik just found out some very upsetting news that Radhika hid from him. Will their friendship make it through?

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Butterflies is a web series produced by and is now streaming on . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

Release Date
Jul 31, 2020

Season Two

Release Date
Feb 13, 2021



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