Miss Field

| Breakfast With Champions

You’ve seen them cheering their team, but do you know the strong, successful women behind the familiar faces?

Harmony with A R Rahman

| Amazon Prime

Harmony with A.R. Rahman, takes you on a journey of India’s rich musical heritage while discovering the harmony of traditions and modern sounds like you’ve never heard before! Experience the hidden art of instruments and vocal traditions that form the soul of their region, learn how they are crafted, and delve into their legacy. Watch

Sunny Leone is all set to reveal her life story in a biopic titled ‘Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone’ based on her autobiography. It revolves around the hardships that the actress faced in her life until she became successful. This story will tell you all about Sunny Leone’s life as Karenjit


| Amazon Prime

Comicstaan is a nine-episode series that brings together seven amongst the biggest comedians in India, to find the next big name in stand-up. Hosted by Abish Mathew and Sumukhi Suresh, the top ten contestants will be judged by a seven-member jury panel. The jury comprises of Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian,

Unlikely Pairings – a new show of Books on Toast – is where one author and another person a completely different walk of life, are brought together and chat about well…books. Because what else is there to talk about?

The Offside buds regale the latest big matches from the FIFA World Cup 2018 in a comedic twist and give you the know-how on how to be the coolest among the noobs who discuss football once every leap year. It’s your guide to football geekdom.

Intern Diaries

| Grazia India

What’s the first day of work like at a fashion magazine? Coffee runs or glamorous photo-shoots? Here’s a peek into the everyday hustle through the eyes of two interns. Watch what’s in store for them when they turn up for an interview at the editorial office of Grazia.

Social Media Star

| Firstpost

So, what does it take to be a social media sensation? Find out with Firstpost’s new series – #SocialMediaStar. Conversations with your favourite viral stars conceptualised and anchored by Janice Sequeira. Featuring Sonam Kapoor, Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines, Rajkummar Rao, Masaba Gupta and many more. Launches 5 May.

An unscripted, open discussion with the greatest artists entertainers of India


| TheVibe

We are so pumped to bring to you TheVibe Original series #Rushes with Mercedes-Benz in association with Motion Content Group; Get ready to embark on some epic adventures with the adrenaline junkies to #LiveTheRush

Women at Work

| Film Companion

We know them, we’ve heard about them and we’re in awe of them! These women have redefined success in their respective fields and have given us new role models to look up to. Watch us talk to them about what drives them and what are they in it for, in a 12-part series — Women

Exploring Vietnam

| Cycling Octopus

Journeys are philosophical for some and existential for others. For us though, it was all about food, culture and of course, even more food. Come, immerse yourself in Vietnam with Black Swan Journeys as we walk the streets, meet the locals, taste the local delicacies, and explore its rich history!

Last year, the Chase team travelled to Manipur and Nagaland to make a film on Northeast India’s booming drug trade. We were told that thousands of kilos of narcotics were cultivated and shipped through the region and as a result drug addiction was rampant. In this episode, we meet the characters who take us deep

Die Trying

| Kenny Sebastian

‘Die Trying’ is a show based in 2004 Bangalore, Following the story of Kenneth and Rohan, Two small time musicians with big time dreams. With the odds stacked against them, Chasing the artist dream seems harder than ever. Catch their story on Amazon Prime Video on February 14th.

Terribly Tiny Tales presents ‘Uglies – Chats You Shouldn’t Be Watching’

Arre Grub: Here’s a taste of what’s to come when Arré and Minute Maid take chef Shagun Mehra and her charm, and drop them off at the farm.

I Can You Can – Reality show by Actor and model Milind Soman, who is all set to host an upcoming adventure reality series that will also highlight the ill-effects of smoking. Coming soon this December on Viu India. I Can, You Can, the series will feature contestants journeying to the Everest base camp in


| Sumukhi Suresh

Pushpavalli was supposed to finish her Food Science degree and marry a Brahmin man that her mother approved of. All that changed after meeting the charming Nikhil Rao. After secretly following him to Bangalore, she juggles working at a children’s library, dealing with her unpredictable landlady, all the while trying to convince herself that it’s

I Can Do That

| Kanan Gill

I Can Do That (#ICanDoThat #IInsistOnCamelCase) is a show where I try to learn a (allegedly easy) skill and get tested on it in under a week. Success is gratifying, but failure is hilarious.

Toofan Mail

| Archana Kavi

A mini series (2-4min) about a relationship that’s close to every daughter’s heart…

Survivors Of Suicide – SOS


SOS is a project that brings you heartfelt first person stories of people who have walked the dark lanes of mental illness and hopelessness. These are people who have faced their fears and come out stronger ― more alive. Through trying to cope with suicidal tendencies, they’ve found a new understanding of themselves & learnt

Koovagam : 101 All The Way In

| 101 India

Party animal Rosh goes for a bash he’ll never forget – with 100,000 members of the transgender community. Every year in May, the sleepy village of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu comes alive. Thousands flock to this village for Koovagam – Asia’s largest transgender festival. City boy Rosh was sent in to experience the festival the

9 Months

| Firstpost

Whether you are planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or a new mother, we’ll answer all your questions on Firstpost’s upcoming show 9 months. Stay tuned.

House Proud

| SonyLIV

House Proud is a web miniseries that goes into the houses of six individuals/couples and takes us on their journey of transforming a particular space within their homes. On their journey they will be assisted by a designer who will help them pick the right mix of furniture and furnishings for their project. At the