The Pink Handcuff

| Addatimes

Your packed suitcase, your belongings tell about you silently. Our protagonists end up exchanging their trolley bags by mistake which they realize later on. They spend overnight with each other’s bag and belongings much like they had actually spent a night together. The Pink Handcuff is a story about the night when both of them

Aschorjo Packet

| Voot

Bored of the regular celebrity chat shows? It’s Aschorjo Packet to the rescue! Our first Bengali Voot Exclusive will surprise you with a fresh look at your favourite celebrities who get candid and crazy like never before. Not just that, here’s another secret – who is our quirky, hilarious host?! Watch now to find out.

The Mashup Monkeys

| Addatimes

The chapter begins with a rave party where three main protagonists Dodo, Papai and Ronty popped a pill, sold by a random drug dealer, and this becomes the inception of upcoming chaos. Next morning Ronty starts having fearful visions, which will later pull the narrative. On the other hand Papai, who is in a bad

Dhimaner Dinkaal

| ALT Balaji

Dhiman’s simple life turns around when his job forces him to embrace modern technology, causing him to stray from the path of righteousness. Will he change for the worse?

One Night Stand

| Addatimes

One Night Stand narrates a story where fate brings in the emotions of three strangers and make them collide with their inner truth.


| Addatimes

Sufiyana is a story of a rebellious woman who breaks all shackles to be a pure bred lover. A love story of BEING!



The Satyawenshi is back, this time in a spectacular avatar on Hoichoi’s brand new web-series Byomkesh. With Anirban Bhattacharya playing the titular sleuth, the series follows Byomkesh solving a string of mysteries around the city, with Ajit by his side. Watch the official teaser here to know more!

Dupur Thakurpo


Uma Boudi is Coming! Dupur Thakurpo is a rollercoaster ride of a severely comic turn of events, when aged Jibon Babu brings home a pretty young bride to Indralok, where six bachelors also live as Jibon Babu’s tenants. Besotted with Uma’s beauty, these young men orchestrate hilarious pranks and embarrassing situations as a desperate call



The new bengali horror web-series is finally here! Hoichoi presents Cartoon, a spine-tingling spookfest, about a cartoonist who finds that the new apartment they have moved into is haunted by animated ghosts! Will Aritra and his girlfriend get to the bottom of this unearthly mystery before the ghosts wreck their lives?

Holy Faak


A zesty rom-com about Indra and Diya’s relationship and the mayhem that ensues when they break up. Both decide to get married to different people and what follows is a series of horrendous pranks and elaborate plots, since all is fair in love and war and this is WAR!


| Addatimes

Ghostana is an online bromantic horror comedy that will make you cuddle up your significant other due to feelings of love as much as feelings of terror.



Hoichoi presents Hello, a deeply thrilling drama web series with generous doses of tension, betrayal and blackmail. The chronicle of an extra-marital affair gone wrong, Hello is the story of Ananyo, Nandita and Nina who find themselves in each other’s cross hairs with eerie MMS’es waiting at every corner!


| Addatimes

Meet Satyajit Ray’s Feluda, Bengali’s most loved detective of all time now in a digital avatar.

B C Baal- The Private Dick

| Addatimes

B.C Baal is this generation’s smart, iconic, classy detective who solves intense cases with a gush of humor.


| Addatimes

Khyapa is a story of soul searching of a youth and seeking nirvana. The story is about eponymous hero’s journey to find the purpose of his life.

Dil Se – Short Films

| Addatimes

“Love” is the purest feelings one can ever feel. Dil se projects the eternity of love. It is the rendition of a bunch of Short Films straight from the heart.