The dark time in MS Dhoni’s career & of Chennai Superkings chronicled in this documentary series and how they made this unbelievable comeback.

A short one minute minute profile of the India’s newest and leading rappers, MCs and other hip-hop artists, in the partnership with Gully Boy, this is Voice of the Streets and they’ve got something to say.

Campus Calling

| EatTreat

Campus Calling is an edgy, modern web series & a bittersweet documentation of the emotions we feel when we return to our roots. We’ve taken 4 youth icons back to where it all began: college. It tugs at the heart strings of everyone who has gone to college and looks back upon their campus days

Harmony with A R Rahman

| Amazon Prime

Harmony with A.R. Rahman, takes you on a journey of India’s rich musical heritage while discovering the harmony of traditions and modern sounds like you’ve never heard before! Experience the hidden art of instruments and vocal traditions that form the soul of their region, learn how they are crafted, and delve into their legacy. Watch


| TheVibe

We are so pumped to bring to you TheVibe Original series #Rushes with Mercedes-Benz in association with Motion Content Group; Get ready to embark on some epic adventures with the adrenaline junkies to #LiveTheRush

Exploring Vietnam

| Cycling Octopus

Journeys are philosophical for some and existential for others. For us though, it was all about food, culture and of course, even more food. Come, immerse yourself in Vietnam with Black Swan Journeys as we walk the streets, meet the locals, taste the local delicacies, and explore its rich history!

Last year, the Chase team travelled to Manipur and Nagaland to make a film on Northeast India’s booming drug trade. We were told that thousands of kilos of narcotics were cultivated and shipped through the region and as a result drug addiction was rampant. In this episode, we meet the characters who take us deep

Survivors Of Suicide – SOS


SOS is a project that brings you heartfelt first person stories of people who have walked the dark lanes of mental illness and hopelessness. These are people who have faced their fears and come out stronger ― more alive. Through trying to cope with suicidal tendencies, they’ve found a new understanding of themselves & learnt

Koovagam : 101 All The Way In

| 101 India

Party animal Rosh goes for a bash he’ll never forget – with 100,000 members of the transgender community. Every year in May, the sleepy village of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu comes alive. Thousands flock to this village for Koovagam – Asia’s largest transgender festival. City boy Rosh was sent in to experience the festival the


| Ipix Indies

In this very moment, we would like you to join us on the trip of a lifetime. A trip that many dream of, but only few can end up taking. Shubh, an actor, filmmaker, and story teller sets out to create his first ever travel series by traveling across India in 30 days non stop.

With the rising pointing fingers at the India Army, Veterans stands up to speak up the truth and support the organisation, they believe in.

Where The Heart Is

| Asian Paints

Join us as we talk design, life, inspirations and choices of eight celebrities and their homes.


| Paper Weight Entertainment

Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage is a Web-Series inspired by the life that a soldier and their families live. What makes them stand out and what gives them the courage to keep living even after the harsh situations they go through during their service for the country and how they (soldiers) who join the armed

Journey To The Himalayas

| 101 India

My Epic Adventure is an 8-part webseries that follows the journey of a sheltered young urban lad and host of the series Rosh across the peaks of Himalayas. Accompanying him are seasoned and disciplined mountaineers Divyesh Muni, his wife Vineeta and their team. Rajesh Gadgil is a fellow climber who has been scaling mountains with

Dinner With The Dons

| 101 India

A food trail with reformed underworld dons. How food became one of the most important parts of their lives on India’s edgiest food show – Dinner with the Dons. We get a taste for street food from the king of the streets.

101 Coming Out

| 101 India

101 India Coming Out follows the inspiring stories of members of the LGBTQI community who have finally decided that they don’t want to hide who they really are, or who they love. The series cuts across gender, sexuality and economic backgrounds to tell inspiring and emotional stories.

101 Hip Hop Homeland

| 101 India

#HipHopHomeland is the most in-depth look yet at the burgeoning Indian underground hip hop scene. A series of raw, gritty profiles about a fast emerging youth trend, #HipHopHomeland covers the growth of hip hop movement in Mumbai, spanning the entire scope of hip hop subculture – from rap to other forms of self-expression like dance

Pune Stories

| Cycling Octopus

A six-part documentary series exploring the beautiful city of Pune through stories of music, art, passion all tied together by community and family. Discover the places that compose her living, breathing soul and the tales of the people who created them.

Firstpost Slice Of Life

| Firstpost

Tweet with #FirstpostSliceOfLife and share stories of people, things and places around you & we’ll add them to our bank of amazing stories, probably even make an episode out of it. These are stories of people around you.


| Cycling Octopus

Friction – An eight part web series that documents the stories of India’s adventurers, collectors and builders of all things that move on the road.