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Season 1: Pushpavalli was supposed to finish her Food Science degree and marry a Brahmin man that her mother approved of. All that changed after meeting the charming Nikhil Rao. After secretly following him to Bangalore, she juggles working at a children’s library, dealing with her unpredictable landlady, all the while trying to convince herself that it’s not stalking if you know the person, Right?

Season 2: She has supposedly moved on from her relentless obsession with Nikhil but does everything that Pushpavalli projects out to the world a part of her or is there something brewing under this bubbly exterior?

Where to watch Pushpavalli?

Pushpavalli is a web series produced by , and is now streaming on . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

Release Date
Dec 15, 2017

Season Two

Release Date
Mar 13, 2020



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