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Prithvi, played by Naveen Kasturia, is a guy in his 30’s works in abroad as a security strategist for a multinational banking software company, comes to India on his annual leaves and just before leaving he finds out that his sister Veda is mysteriously missing and it shakes his secure life. He along with his friend and few other important characters, who later become friends, try to find his missing sister but in the process find out that a bigger conspiracy is taking place with 9 other girls also who have gone missing. Prithvi and his friends also find out the involvement of a big social media firm and more shocking secrets are revealed. How with the help of his friends, social media and technology Prithivi solves the case of the missing girl’s forms the rest of the story. Knowingly or Unknowingly they become underdog heroes and form a squad.

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Sep 8, 2017
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Season One

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Sep 8, 2017



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