Love Ka Panga
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Love Ka Panga

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Neha, a sophisticated, well-educated Delhi girl plans to enjoy a quiet holiday in the beautiful mountains of Manali. Sumit, on the other hand, a loud chhora from Haryana, intends to live it up and make the most of his time. When a series of unplanned encounters bring them together, their respective plans go for a toss. He thinks he is being helpful but she considers him to be cheap. He thinks she has too much attitude and she thinks all he needs is a chamaat. However, somewhere between all the misunderstandings, they form a friendship that could blossom into something else. But does it lead to their happy ending? Can they overcome their differences? Or do destiny and fate have other plans for them?

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Oct 15, 2020
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Love Ka Panga is a web series produced by , and is now streaming on . This show is on now and is to watch.

Season One

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Oct 15, 2020



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