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Mithya/ Fame Game/ Rudra

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Mithya/ Fame Game/ Rudra

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And we are back, yet again, with another update to spice up your weekend! So put on your binge-goggles and immerse yourself in the world of the Indian Web Series! 

  • The first thing on our list is the Huma Qureshi starrer ‘Mithya’ which starts as a plain and simple plagiarism accusation in an academic setting and then spirals into a deep, complicated and emotional tug-of-war. How far can a student and a teacher take their conflict? Watch and find out!

  • Next, we move on to the diva Madhuri Dixit in ‘The Fame Game’. The series explores the public figure, navigating through the world of glam, fame and popularity as an actress Anamika Anand. This Karan Johar produced series is bound to give us some insight into the highly controversial acting industry right?

  • Coming into the contention of a huge number of OTTs floating around, Raktanchal 2 on MX Player stands as a high ranker! Every time a movie or a series sets its plot in the veins of the crass villages of Uttar Pradesh, it always strikes a chord with today’s generation making the story extremely successful. The story of Raktanchal 2 is the same! This season showcases the epic clashes of the gangs of Uttar Pradesh with the Bombay Police. How do you think it will go down?

  • Making it on the list next is a Tamil web series coming from the small, earthly town of Trichy, in southern India. Vilangu explores the life of a police officer who faces issues that highlight his human side in contrast to his tough, officer-of-the-law exterior.

  • Amazon Prime recently announced the remake of its hit show ‘Modern Love’ as three different series set in three different cities- Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. This story will cover adaptations of various love stories and their nuances from the Modern Love column in the New York Times. Who’s excited?

  • Disney+ Hotstar just released its trailer for the Ajay Devgn starrer series ‘Rudra’. This series is an adaptation of the British psychological drama ‘Luther’ (starring Idris Elba) which follows a detective trying to hunt down intelligent cons. Another power-packed performance for sure!

  • Last but not least, Zee5, one of the most prominent web-series viewing platforms in India, has just announced an ‘India ka Binge-a-thon’ campaign to encourage ardent OTT viewers like you to continue binge-watching and supporting local platforms and local content creators! Content consumers such as yourself are the sole reason for the popularity and slowly gaining dominance of web series over films that release on the big screen!

Comment down below your preference- OTTs or the big silver screen experience?

Stay tuned for more web series updates from our side!

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