Class Of 2020 – (Class of 2017) Season 2 Out Now
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Class Of 2020 – (Class of 2017) Season 2 Out Now

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Season 1: These teens are doing it all and the pressure is getting to them. Sex, drugs and rock and roll the Class of 2017 have their hands in all kinds of shit. Watch how they deal with it in ‘Class of 2017’ on AltBalaji

Season 2: Class of 2020, is a coming-of-age teen drama starring Rohan Mehra, Sushant Tanwar, Alam Khan, Joyeeta Chatterjee, Isha Chawla, Mazhar Khan, Pallavi Mukherjee, Chetna Pandey. The show revolves around a bunch of teenagers and their struggle as their lives are intertwined with drugs, relationships, sex and peer pressure. It explores how the teenagers crumble and later overcome teenage problems while learning about life. The show is gamut of confusions and perplexities, love and desires, choices and dilemmas mixed with an ensemble of grey characters who depict today’s confused selves of the millennials.

Where to watch Class Of 2020 – (Class of 2017) Season 2 Out Now

Season One

Release Date
Jul 5, 2017

Season Two

Release Date
Feb 4, 2020


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